Closer and closer we get

This week I’ll hear back from my editor for her final sweep of A Raven’s Touch. I’ll make the necessary updates. After that the story will go to yet another set of editors who will do a final review of my changes.

I really want to get this story up and out into the market. I’ve already started writing the sequel, but I have a feeling it will also take me another three or so years.

Last year around this time I thought I was ready, but no, oh not by a long shot. I hope to god something else doesn’t happen and I decide to fix the story again. I’m getting to the point where I just can’t wait to release the damn thing, but I don’t want to put out an inferior story.


4 thoughts on “Closer and closer we get

  1. “Not sure if I am almost done or if I am just half way there.” This is where I am too. I’m waiting to hear from my editor to see which it is. Like you, I hope the end is soon.

    • I hear you. Writing a novel is incredibly difficult because you constantly rearrange, delete, add, and rework a story over so many times. I assume even established authors go through the process. It’s that love of writing which spurns us to do so and I hope that fire burns for you always!

      Sending good vibes and a speedy end!

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