Timing is everything

There are a million sayings about opportunity knocking, and opening/closing doors. Honestly, why does it have to be a door, why not a window, or a cage, I suppose doors are symbolic and easy to reference. Either way, guess what, things change on a daily basis. Just before I was about to send my book off to its final proofread, my husband was laid off. Yeah, pretty crap timing. Being dutiful and mindful of bills, I held off spending money on my book to take care of the house.


Our situation hasn’t changed, just yet, but I’ve managed to put aside a bit to push my book forward.

Yesterday I sent off my book, and I also managed to find TWO PA’s. Yes, when it rains, it pours. I also have some amazing friends in the indie community who are extremely helpful when it comes to book tours, and they’re helping me figure it all out.

Whether this was meant to happen, as it did, or it was eventual, I’m just grateful. image

I told myself I was going to publish this year, and damn it – I WILL!

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