Waiting. Promoting. Wondering.

Now that I’m actually waiting for everything to happen it all seems unreal. This incredible journey of self discovery, along with a few freaked out bits, has been a rather surreal ride.

audrey twin peak

How do you recover from a beautiful nightmare? All the struggling, all the crying, all the damn breakdowns where I thought I was a hack…all over. Seriously, incredible.

There have been so many people who helped me along the way and I’m so grateful that people took the time to give me their thoughts. I certainly learned a lot and my next book will be that much better because of that knowledge.

What now?

We wait. On December 25th my book will upload into hands of the lovely people who pre-ordered.

Then on December 28th, my PA Paige is hosting my Facebook release party. It should be amazing! Please feel free to drop by. We’re going to have quite a few guest hosts, prizes, and a heck of a lot of fun.

I’ve invited a bunch of my book friends. I imagine it would look something like this in real life:

THEN starts the blog tour January 25 – January 30th.

There are a very limited number of ARC’s, but there is a sign up sheet for those interested:

Will it be over after that?

On to the next book to start this machine up all over again.


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