Pronoun: A New Self-Publisher Platform


So, I’ve signed up with PronounWhat does Pronoun do?

  • Create Beautiful Digital Books: Convert an edited manuscript to a professionally designed ebook that is compatible with every e-reader and mobile device.
  • Sell Everywhere: Instantly distribute to all major retail channels: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Google Play, and Kobo. Make unlimited, free updates to metadata.
  • Market With Analytics: Access the largest proprietary dataset on the digital book market and see relevant, real-time data on books, categories, and market trends.
  • Get Live Notifications: Opt in to get proactive alerts on daily sales, new book reviews, when books enter a bestseller list, or when an action can improve a book’s position on retailers’ sites.
  • Receive Consolidated Monthly Payments: Get convenient electronic payments for sales across all retailers in a single monthly deposit.
  • Free ISBN: Get a free ISBN for every book published on Pronoun.
  • Build a Publishing Team: Access Pronoun’s network of vetted professional service providers, including editors, cover designers, copy editors, and publicists.

I find all of these services amazing. As a new writer I hate the idea of having to sign up to different retailers, have several dashboards to check, and waste time trying to figure out what it all means. Frankly, one dashboard is perfect and I’m surprised a service like this hasn’t come up before. (Please let me know if you know of another one and I’m just not aware.)

Live notifications of new book reviews is awesome! Not that I don’t check for these things, but once I become better established I won’t have time and  getting a notification about it makes sense.

Consolidated monthly payments! Everything in one place makes for a happy author and avoids wasting time.

In Canada we already have free ISBN’s, but I believe this will be welcomed by my American friends who have to pay for them.

There’s a whole bunch of people who you can work with regarding a publishing team. My work didn’t require this and I bypassed the option without thinking. If you’re an editor, cover artist, or offer other book related services email Pronoun to see how you can get added to their listings. I don’t know if there is a fee to be added, but hey it’s an option:

Pronoun Author Agreement

Your rights are yours. You retain all rights, including all copyrights, to your manuscripts and ebooks. Check out the rest of the agreement here.

What are the retailers’ distribution fees?

Different retailers charge different fees for books distributed on Pronoun:

  • Amazon generally takes 30% of your books sales price for books priced between $2.99 and $9.99. (If your books sales price doesn’t fall into that range, Amazon takes 65% of your books list price.) These rates will vary in some international territories. 
  • Apple iBooks takes 30% of your books list price.
  • Barnes & Noble takes 50% of your books list price.
  • Kobo takes 30% of your books list price.
  • Google Play takes 48% of your books list price.

Now available FB

Pronoun doesnt charge any distribution fees, so authors keep 100% of their earnings after the retailers take their cuts.

List price = the price you set
Sales price = the price the retailer sets

This is pretty much the service in a nutshell. I’ll continue to provide updates with my experience and let you know what happens!



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