Bloggers + Authors = Magic

Lately I’ve been reading about bloggers revealing confessions through a hashtag called #bloggerconfessions. It’s amazing how many people let out a slew of feelings they’ve been holding on to. I had no idea people felt so trapped by their blog and the community. I was also shocked to discover how scared people are to give a low rating, or to even speak to other bloggers. What is going on here?

Here’s a screen shot of my timeline when I search using #bloggerconfessions:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.16.39 AM

As a writer, I totally understand being afraid of what people think of your work, and being judged for it. Being rejected is a legitimate fear.

I can understand the points people are making and it’s very similar to the fears I have as a writer. Will people understand my book? Would anyone give a crap if I stopped writing? How are critics going to rate my story? I have put in at least $900 into editing, formatting, and my cover art. No one is paying me to write. Just like bloggers, this is not a full time job, this is just the beginning of a lengthy process where I go broke to pursue my dream.

My husband was unemployed when I launched my book. I am not swimming in money. We actually have debt that I need to pay off, but instead I’m thinking of what paying avenue to take to promote my novel. I am willingly doing this because I love it. I can’t imagine not doing this. Take my writing away and you break my spirit. Writing is in me as much as air is in my lungs.

I hope this post provides a shoulder to those feeling burnt out. I want you to know just like bloggers, writers are out there, we’re feeling it too. It all comes down to doing what you want and making yourself feel good.

I noticed there’s a hashtag to combat these feelings called . I love this idea. Being positive is the first step to making progress. Let’s face it. You’re awesome. You’re doing something pretty cool. Why not give yourself a break. Why not be okay with you being you? High five to this positive movement. I’m all for it. I hope it breaks through the dark cloud and rains down a shower of good thoughts on people who need it. ❤


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