Being an independent means you can’t rely on anyone to just hand you a big pile of cash to spend on advertising. The catch 22 is no one will ever know about you if you don’t tell them, and if they’re sick of seeing you they’ll ignore you. Yeah…makes for an easy way to communicate with people.

I’ve decided that the best way for me to get A Raven’s Touch out there is to bring it to the people. Thankfully I’ve been able to make a few lovely friends who will help me out and give me time on their Facebook page to do an author take over. So far they’ve been positive and I really enjoy interacting with everyone. It’s been lovely to see paranormal fans and that it’s not a dead genre.

This means I feel like I’m always ‘on’ and weeerrrking it as much as I can without being annoying. This is the part that most people would rather die than do. I’m down for it because I’m used to hustling, it seems that something I have been doing my whole life, but now this is just another avenue.

Thank you to everyone who has come out, told someone about one of my take overs, or bought A Raven’s Touch. I wish I could give everyone a big squishy hug!



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