Murder Under the Magnolias by: Charmain Zimmerman Brackett

Hi guys. I’m helping out my friend Charmain. She was the first Facebook friend I made when I joined four years ago. Time sure flies. Not only is Charmain an incredibly lovely person, but talented as well. Check out her book info below and ONE-CLICK to pre-order her book! 🙂


The first full week in April means a blooming business for Grace Ward, Murder Under the Magnolias-01whose floral designs will be part of several parties with the major golf tournament in town. After the murder of a young woman with a mysterious tattoo, Grace finds herself in the middle of an investigation and wonders if these parties she’s helping with are actually fronts for something more sinister.






It was spring in Augusta. I’m thoroughly convinced there’s a place in Heaven that looks just like my hometown does as it comes into the full glory of spring. Of course, Heaven wouldn’t have the yellow haze of pollen that leaves many to sneeze, wheeze, and become otherwise uncomfortable. With its multicolored azaleas, sweet-scented purple wisteria, and lovely pink and white dogwoods, Augusta is enchanted and ethereal. It truly lives up to its nickname of The Garden City. I think the azaleas have always been my favorite especially the fuchsia colored ones. And with a week to go before one of the premiere events in pro golf took place in my city, the azaleas were almost in full bloom. Everything had awakened from its winter slumber seemingly overnight, and the trees, grass, and shrubs seemed to know they had to be the exact same color as those beautiful fairways off Augusta’s Washington Road.

About the Author

Charmain Zimmerman Brackett, a veteran journalist, has written several books including the young adult book, The Key of Elyon, the 2014 Yerby Award cropped-230-2.jpgfor Fiction winner at the Augusta Literary Festival and an illustrated children’s book, Little Pearl’s Circus World, the 2015 winner of the Georgia Writers Association’s Georgia Author of the Year Award. Little Pearl’s Circus World is based on the true story of her great-grandmother, Pearl Clark LaComa, who began performing in her father’s circus at the age of 4. Because of her newspaper background, she likes writing in different genre.







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