Title Announcement + Birthday offer

I mentioned the other week that I have decided on the title for the sequel to A Raven’s Touch.

The next book will be called……


A Raven’s Revenge

What do you think? 

I’m pretty psyched about this title. For ARR I’m reading notes about Hell and what the circles look like. Needless to say the sequel is going to be a heavy one. Justice, Moira, Tom and Darien are going to have to be strong in the face of evil. I’m not sure how far I will push them, but I do know a few of you are probably going to hate me a little. Things are going to get freaky that’s for sure.

Now here’s a question. I don’t know if I want to stretch things out to three books, and I think I can wrap up everything nicely into the sequel. Does that even make for a series if there’s only two books? 

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If you don’t have your copy of A Raven’s Touch – what are you waiting for?

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4 thoughts on “Title Announcement + Birthday offer

  1. First of all, I LOVE the title!
    Secondly, I CAN’T WAIT to read it! Don’t worry, I won’t hate you, no matter what. The only thing that I hope for when an author kills a beloved character, is that the death mean something… and/or that at least one good thing come of it so that they didn’t die in vain. Still, that’s just me and I still totally respect whatever course the author takes regardless of whether it makes me happy or not.
    As for the question of preference for duologies or trilogies, I have no preference. I say follow your gut. If you feel you can complete the story in 2 books, then do what *you feel is best. I would definitely be happy & satisfied with 2 books. For me, a good series is a good series, whether there are 2 books or 25 books. Great post!!!!

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