A Raven’s Revenge Update

So, here I am starting from scratch all over again. One of my writer heroes is Stephen King. I believe he only wrote on series, The Gunslinger series, and I am beginning to see why. It’s freaking hard. Plus, I wonder how I can write this story? Is it just a two book ‘series’, or is it longer? Frick.

Planning is not my forte. I usually write by the seat of my pants and to have to plot things blows my mind. I’m currently creating a world that my characters are exploring, however, I am not sure where to put them. The setting has kind of written itself, but now I have to figure out where each character will be at what time. Yes, things are a little complicated this time.

meme plotting

At this point a regular person would question themselves, why do this? Oh, because I love it. Yes, I really do. Let’s cut a vein and bleed; this story isn’t going to write itself.




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