RESULTS re: Keep Calm and Love Books Newsletter

Hi everyone! I wanted to keep all of you up to date with the newsletter and how things went.

love book find a new authors

I sent the first (Romance) newsletter on Mon, Jul 25, 2016 10:00 am. Here are the numbers:

18 Subscribers
38.9% Opens
16.7% Clicks

Not too bad really, but I was hoping for at least 50% open rate. Either way, yay for new beginnings.

Currently, Romance is the only category with over 10 people. I’d love to do this for other categories, but it has to be worth my time since this is taking me away from my own writing time. Can you all share these sign up links for READERS and WRITERS to participate?

Horror & Paranormal Writers List

Horror & Paranormal Readers List

Romance Writer List

Romance Readers List

Fantasy Writers List

Fantasy Readers List

Thriller/Suspense/Action Reader List

Thriller/Suspense/Action Writers List

Science Fiction Readers List

Science Fiction Writers List

Please do share this around so we can get people up and in front of readers who want to know about them.

Join the Facebook Group:
Spread the word on Twitter:


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