Thank you event A or B?

I have been feeling rather grateful lately because people have been super nice about my new cover. Also, Colleen Hoover recently had this post presidential event that was AMAZING. There were 70 different contests with bloggers, and authors where people were posting contests/giveaways. I couldn’t believe how many people had such a great time. I want to do something like that too.

I’ve created two headers for this event and I would like your thoughts. Which one do you think is better and WHY?



What is this event going to be?

Colleen Hoover had a Facebook event where she asked readers/bloggers/authors to post contests and giveaways to make people smile after the US election. This resulted in 70+ discussions threads where people posted giveaways and contests. It was FANTASTIC! So many people had a great time. The ONLY thing that was difficult was getting to all the threads. People quickly lost their threads because of sheer volume.

I would like to do an event like this and seeing as being thankful is a good theme as any why not do it close to the US Thanksgiving?

So – here’s my question: Which cover image do you like?

Mark your calendars because this is going to be good.


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