Writing update re: A Raven’s Revenge

I’ve actually been driving myself kinda nuts lately. I finally hit approx. 20,000 words and it’s been a pain in the ass. Sure, my characters are great, I love them, but I am torn with what to do with them. Little bits of the ending are coming to me and I think I’m going to work backwards to fill it in. Usually, I don’t work this way, but what the heck.

My main questions I’ve been asking myself:

Who dies?

Who gets resurrected?

Who dies for real?

How do they die?

Who betrays Justice?

How does Justice defeat Seliki?

Does the Devil get in the way?

Do Seliki’s siblings join in?

Does Serena join in?

Ahhhhh. So many questions!? You can see why I’m having a hard time with this. I need to make decisions and go with it. That’s really been my mental block lately. Writing A Raven’s Touch was easy, it was new territory, I had no idea what I was doing. Now, I’m trying to tie back things I’ve laid down and it’s not that easy to have to go back to things.

Also, I’m picky about where and when I write, so it has to be perfect. I have to be in the mood. It’s ridiculous I know, but if it’s not there I can’t force it. Sigh.

That’s pretty much where I’m at and I’m going to keep going hopefully something can come of all this scribbling.


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