Back in the saddle aka my plight with Scrivener

My whole digital life is in the cloud. I upload pictures, files, and generally anything I want to work on or save. What irks me to no end is that Scrivener has decided their software must only be used on a computer. I don’t want to upload various versions of my story. I want to work on the SAME bloody story and have it save automatically just like Google Docs. That is what the consumer wants in this day and age. I don’t want to compile my document, save it to Google Drive, then download that document and work on it. I cannot take my laptop with me to my day job, ergo, I have no choice.

The frustration level has caused me to not even bother writing some days. Yes, I am mad at software. I’ve decided to bite my proverbial lip and do just what annoys me most. So yes, I’ve complied my A Raven’s Revenge, and now I will be able to work on it in the morning at my work computer. Though that angers me quite it’s the only option I have right now. Bah.


In other news, my imaginary friends are speaking to me again. The other night, I went to bed thinking about A Raven’s Revenge and how I could utterly destroy Justice only to watch her rise above it. I came up with some rather devious ways to break her heart. Yes, I torture my characters, but it’s only because I want them to really struggle to be the hero. What good is a story if everything comes easily. Right? Right.



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