And counting…

Things are looking up where I’m back to writing in the morning at work. This was exactly how I wrote the majority of A Raven’s Touch and it looks like A Raven’s Revenge will be the same. Today, I wrote 400 words and that’s good enough for me. Little by little, the drop becomes an ocean and the words flow when they do.

Finding that balance between writing time and family time is hard to do in general. I know other writers always feel that pang of guilt when they’re away from their family and the same one when they’re away from the keyboard. Both are the best for a creative mind as the family provides stability and normalcy and the words provide that escapism and creative outlet.

I truly love my characters and I can’t believe the things I’ve put them through and they’ve come out stronger for it. In A Raven’s Revenge, darkness really takes a turn for the worse and creeps into the all of the characters. Physically, mentally, they’re suffering and it even breaks them, but as heroes, they have to go on. That drive is still there, burning hot, and it guides them to carry on.

It’s almost the same thing that drives me. I want to see the end of this crazy adventure. How will they do it?

Oddly enough, for A Raven’s Revenge, I wrote most of the ending before I wrote the middle. That was my way of motivating myself to write and I’m surprised it worked. Here we are at 31,030 words. It’s like standing on a very small hill, but albeit a nice one.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.51.32 AM.png


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